Our Portfolio

We are thrilled to showcase the pioneering work of Alesi Design&Build, the latest venture of Alesi Design, an esteemed Italian design company with extensions in Albania. Recently inaugurated in London, our portfolio here is still nascent, but it is rapidly expanding and filled with promise.

Alesi Design, with its Italian roots and Albanian extensions, brings over 30 years of diverse and rich experience. This extensive portfolio of Italian projects forms the solid foundation of our new London venture.

Dive into a handpicked selection of our initial London projects, where the timeless elegance of traditional Italian design is harmoniously blended with cutting-edge digital tools to create truly extraordinary spaces. While our London portfolio is still budding, each project stands as a testament to the innovative service we offer, fortified by the robustness and experience of our parent company in Italy. Experience the enchantment of Italian design reimagined in a modern London context with Alesi Design&Build.

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Our Process - Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At Alesi Design&Build, we follow a meticulously designed process that combines Italian craftsmanship with advanced digital technologies. This unique process helps us create luxurious residential and commercial interiors.

Initial Consultation and 3D Survey

Our collaboration commences with a free initial consultation, where we delve into your needs and aspirations. To aid us in this process, we ask you to provide a comprehensive video of the space intended for renovation. Leveraging this video, we are able to conduct a thorough 3D survey of the space, thus initiating our design process with a clear understanding of your existing environment.

Design Proposal with VR Technologies

Once we have the 3D survey data, our expert designers craft a proposal for the renovation. We then present this design to you using Virtual Reality technologies, allowing you to experience the space firsthand before it's built.

Construction and Installation

Upon approval of the design proposal, the construction phase begins. Using materials imported directly from Italy, our skilled team carries out the work under the direct supervision of Alesi Design&Build.

As Built Model and AR Maintenance

After the construction is completed, we create an 'As Built' model of the finished project. For maintenance services, we use Augmented Reality technologies, providing efficient and effective support.

Subscription Maintenance Service

Our relationship doesn't end after the project completion. We offer subscription-based maintenance services to keep your space as good as new.

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