Transparency and Accuracy in Estimates

At Alesi Design&Build, we value transparency. Our estimates are carefully crafted to provide a clear and accurate outline of your project costs, so you know exactly what to expect.

Initial Consultation and Estimate

We initiate our comprehensive estimating process with a free one-hour consultation designed to comprehend your vision and needs. To ensure an accurate preliminary estimate, we require you, the client, to provide a video walkthrough of your space. This personalized video serves as a vital cornerstone, enabling us to tailor our services specifically to your project’s demands.

Design Proposal and VR Visualization

We create a detailed design proposal, including an estimate for the VR visualization project. This gives you a realistic understanding of your future space and its associated costs.

Construction and Installation Costs

Following your approval of the design, we provide a detailed estimate for the construction and installation phase. Our estimates are comprehensive, covering everything from materials to labor costs.

Post-Construction Maintenance

After the project completion, we offer a subscription maintenance service, ensuring your space stays in peak condition. Our maintenance costs are clearly defined and provide exceptional value for our clients.

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